Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Bogdan, McFee, Gunther and I were discussing the authors that we had discussed before.

There was Jorge Luis Borges and William Henry Hudson. Amazingly both of them were born in Argentina. 

Argentina is a romantic country with two degrees of separation between it and The Romantic Empire.

The first separation was to the Iberian Peninsula where it picked up a little Arabic. The second was to South America where it picked up a little lustfulness.

But we didn't really discuss that particular point too much. We discussed "The End."

We wondered why authors spend so much time and effort getting their opening paragraph correct and then they simply write "The End" when they are all done.

The stories are never done when a reader completes reading it. The story continues to roll around in the cranium for quite some time.

Questions arise.

"I wonder what happened to Character #8?"  or "What if he had not corrected that horrible error he made?" or "I wonder if she really was that devious or was her goal completely moral?"

So "The End" never really is the end. It is just the beginning of a new series of thoughts by the reader.

With that said I think I should say that this is really "The End."

However if you do not believe me then click on this.



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