Sunday, April 7, 2013



Yes, that is me over there to the right.

No, I don't have a high opinion of myself.

The halo is because I no longer reside on this rolling bunch of rocks that you guys call earth. I departed (happily I may say) quite a few years ago.

My only wish, now, is to share some old photos and thoughts with you.

So here are the first ones; photo and thoughts that is.

This is the large rail yard in Scranton, Pennsylvania. I handles all sorts of traffic but mostly coal. You see, coal was the lifeblood of Scranton in 1900. Oh yes, there were other products but most of them were being shipped INTO Scranton so that the miners could dig the coal from the earth.

I was passing through. I just hopped a freight car from New York City. New York was a horrible place; gangs and Tammany Hall - - - not necessarily two separate things. I had my last few dollars tucked away in the canvas pants I was wearing.

Canvas pants were a necessity for my last job; brick laying.

But as I was saying, I hopped a freight car out of New York City and found myself in this rail yard.

"This must be a booming place" I thought to myself; and so I hopped off and started looking for work.

I found a job right away.

You see - - - a rail yard detective saw me jump off the rail car and nabbed me by the back of my shirt. He was a bit surprised that I did not fight with him.

"Hey big fella" he says to me, "I expected a fellow your size to give me a bit of a tussle!"

"Nope, I was in the wrong" I responded, "So what is my punishment?"

"Same as mine" he says. "You now have a job as a railroad Dick."

And that is how I ended up in Scranton.

©W. Tomosky



  1. That's quite a turnaround for him. I'd think a railroad yard would be an interesting place to work though.

  2. Dear GWT; Thanks for finding him over here. You have made my day. It is the first comment I have recieved on this new blog and new blog platform. I was beginning to wonder. Thanks again.
    PS: He told me railroad work was not as tough on the thumbs as bricklaying.