Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I love to read scientific magazines.

You can learn so much about windlasses, gears, brakes, steam engines, Mr. Howes Incredible Sewing Machine and so on and so forth.

So let us get on with the learning of science.

They have me wondering. How is this glass coffin working out? 

Do the relatives sit around with their guarantees of "slow decomposition."

If so, do they have a lawyer at hand in case things don't work out too well? 

Or possibly these coffins are only for those who "lay in state" whatever that means.

In either situation, I would keep a case of incense at hand.

That is not the woodcut of the steamship "Cambria", it is a schooner. Sheeeesh.

Now this Henry fellow, the one "who lately attempted to shoot the King of France,"

Was he late in his attempt or was this a recent attempt? And what the heck are the galleys?

Does he have to work in a kitchen or does he have to remain chained to a bench and row one of those boats for the remainder of his life?


That Prince Radziwill - - - he is such a cut-up.

And "four girls of uncommon beauty."

Sounds like the Deutsche concept of 'polymorphously perverse' didn't have much over the prince.


 This is just beyond ridiculous so I will hold my comments.

And weren't we all just dying to hear our good correspondent from Providence, Rhode Island expound on the size of an eagle's wings?

Well - - - so much for science. At least we got some from Orville and Wilber.
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