Saturday, April 20, 2013


This time I wander into the past and the future.

I have no logical explanation for this trip - - - as there is no logic to it.

Yet, there is a story that has been told and one yet to be written.

At least I am told it will be written in 1972;  a hundred years of seperation between today's story by Harper's and another one written in Italy - - - by a man not yet born.

But first let me show you what Harper's has said.

And that is as much as I can show you what Harper's thought.
Another story will be written in 1972. It also is about Marco Polo and Kublai Khan.
It will visit the "Invisible Cities" that Marco tells Kublai about.
Kublai Khan's empire stretched wide and vast,
spread out so that he could not visit every last,
state, territory or city he ruled far and wide,
age kept him in his castle, locked up inside.
He had to ask Marco Polo to tell what was seen,
every building in every city Marco could glean,
they spoke different languages, the king bade,
Marco to tell him about things his people made.
They spoke rarely in between Marco's lectures,
Kublai saw his empire via simple conjectures,
the story pictured cities - - quite philisophical,
this story and that story are not chronological.
by W. Tomosky  ©
So that is the story that will be written by the yet to be born Italo.

©W. Tomosky


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