Friday, April 26, 2013


I get a lot of questions about why I departed New York and my great paying job of bricklaying.

Well, part of the draw was just getting out of New York, both the city and the state.

Yes - - - the city had a lot of action and fun things to do.

But I could not stand the corruption any longer.

Everybody remembers that it all started with the politics of Tammany Hall. However, hardly anyone has met the goons that "the hall" hired to enforce their wishes.

 Yes, Monk Eastman was a big player for Tammany Hall - - - until they had no more use for him.

Then they put him on trial.

And it was a rather exciting trial.

 Of course he was found guilty.
Now I shouldn't be so harsh on New York City. The "Battery Park" on the southern end of Manhattan was a real nice place to sit and watch the boats while the trains puffed and tooted in the background.

And you could get around to almost any place on the train.



But those guys in Tammany Hall were always in the background and we all knew it.

And I could see nothing was ever going to change.

 Ever - - - - - - -

Sometime after Eastman's demise, I am not sure when that will occur, an Argentinian will discover Monk Eastman and write a story about him. He may title it  "Monk Eastman, Purveyor of Inequities."

He may even give a detailed description of the inequities to be purveyed - - - along with a price list.



And because he will probably be somewhat embarrassed about his new acquaintance, the Argentinian author may hide the story in between the pages of "A Universal History of Infamy." We will just have to wait and see..

However, that is at least 30 years in the future so I wouldn't hold my breath.
 ©W. Tomosky♠


  1. I love this, the photos and the story! Why did you move to Blogger?

  2. Thanks for visiting Susie. I think tomorrow's post will even be better.

    Wordpress kicked me off on a Friday morning and would not let me back on until Sunday evening. I sent them 3 messages without response and was sure that I had lost all of my posts. So, being a fellow without much patience for BS, I decided to try another blog site and start a new series. Then WP sent me a message stating that they had made a mistake because they thought I was spamming. Hell, I can stand SPAM; never liked the taste or consistency. Anyway, I had already started down the path and then WP reinstated me. Now I have 3 blogs on WP and this one on BLOGSPOT. Boy - - - I got a little windy on that one didn't I?