Tuesday, May 7, 2013


There we were, arguing about which city has more value.

One city is real - - - it even exists.

The other is only in the mind - - - and it also exists.

The first city came in the mail.

It is here: Walton, New York

Walton is on the East Branch of the Deleware River in New York.

None of us guys in the railroad yard have been there - - - yet!


The second city can be found here:

Right there - - - on Page 384 - - - for the whole world to see.

I really can't say if Isaak Walton would have made a good "Last Executive."

But he sure as heck could have done better that some we have had.

How can you fault an angler?

Other people have visited the second city.

Although mostly in their own day dreams.

Others try to get there any way they can.


The ladies usually do - - - especially if we wish to go fishing.

That silly Miss Larcher - - - she was just playing a game with poor Mr Plimkins.

I wonder if they named Walton after Waltoniana? They are both real and imaginary at the same time.

That last statement may only make sense to anglers.

©W. Tomosky♠

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