Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Just like Roebling's bridges, these have to be seen with a minimum of discussion.

Therefore I will remain quiet.

These young people had to pay $15 to $25 for an apprenticeship position.

This young lady was learning how to repair airplane parts.

Even the Army Engineers needed apprentices.

A room aboard the ship Balclutha where the apprentice brass binders worked.

A very young apprentice cigar roller. I wonder if he worked in Binghamton?

An apprentice machinist on a lathe.

These apprentices also had to pay to learn.

An apprentice seaman.

An apprentice shoemaker. I think we meet this lad. He worked for the Johnsons.

An apprentice toolmaker under the Master's watchful eye.

The three levels of apprenticeship:
But not all apprenticeships were fun and games:
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