Thursday, May 30, 2013


Bogdan Yelcovich was all wound up about baseball.
They didn't have it in his native Russia.
And they sure didn't have it when he worked in the Darien Isthmus.
So he brought in a bunch of periodicals to ask us what it all meant.
He was confused - - - and rightfully so.
Just look at the variations of opinion and worth that are held by separate factions.

It was becoming more of a spectator sport than one in which everyone could play.

Organized religion seemed to have no place for it; at least not on a Sunday. (And maybe we should not be playing cards on Sunday morning either.)

The swells at the country club were putting in baseball fields.

So we all had a good discussion about baseball and whether it was going to catch on or not.

Now if all the little towns could do that we would be getting someplace.

Jim McFee said he had been following baseball for some time.

He offered to bring in photographs that his relatives had sent to him.

It appears the Irish immigrants are to be the ones who are going to keep it alive.


Bogdan said that it appeared to him that there may be too much competition in baseball. So we told him baseball shouldn't be all competition. It should be fun also.


But the competition is always there.

©W. Tomosky♠

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