Saturday, May 25, 2013


It was a long weekend, and with the trains running, it made for a short trip. Sort of like a long-short-cut.

We rode in style to Buffalo, New York.

In several places we followed the Erie Canal.

And we saw Rochester where they make those new-finagled picture taking boxes.

We also saw Niagara Falls where thoughtful Jim McFee brought back a souvenir postcard for his cousins Joan and Chris.

However, the most interesting things were in Buffalo.

It was were the Erie Canal meets Lake Erie. It sure was a busy place.

They unloaded different types of ore on the railroad docks.
Someone there told us the ore came from the Lake Huron and Lake Michigan areas.

This is the Lafayette Hotel in Buffalo. We couldn't stay there because of the cost. The railroad allowed us to sleep in a caboose. It was warm and out of the wind.

And this is what the inside of the dining room looks like. Of course we could not afford to eat there.

Can you imagine the power it takes to lift this jackknife bridge?

They sure enjoy a good time in Buffalo; you know, parades and all that.

Buffalo is a nice place but I don't think I would like to walk to work in the winter.

Enjoy the pictures and listen to some "Buffalo Music."
©W. Tomosky♠

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