Tuesday, May 21, 2013


One day I was wondering  aloud about Gunther and how he remembered when every train was supposed to arrive. And then also how each car on each train was to be decoupled and in which order.

Was train number 5 to have all of its cars decoupled at once or was it to have half the cars decoupled and switched to another track or was - - - well you get the idea.

There were so many variables to keep track of; how did he do it?

To the rescue comes - - - guess who - - - yep, Bogdan Yelcovich.

Bogdan promised to clear up my confusion with another paper merchant story.

So he ran home during lunch hour and came back with this.

I think we need to see what a person looks like so we can better understand his "Pleasant Stories."

 Understanding that he attempted to  prove or disprove, at the age of five, the existence of the "Prince of Evil" gives us some insight. His philosophical inquisitions were quite unique.

Another "Pleasant Story" is how Babbage determined his heredity so many generation back.

Lets take these two items, Tubal -Cain and organ grinders one at a time; Tubal-Cain first.

I asked Bogdan who the hell heck Tubal-Cain was.

He was prepared with two variations from Genesis 4:22.

And now for the organ grinder comment.

Babbages philosophical creativity was not practiced alone. He also joined a few groups who had serious questions regarding the thin line between genius and sanity.

But look at this. If this is philosophy it is a new kind; maybe mathematical philosophy. 

Let's see if someone can explain it to me better than Bogdan did.

Wouldn't it be nice if all these brilliant people could allow us to play music on one of these fantastic gear crunchers?

Or if that is too much maybe we could read with a machine.

I asked Bogdan what all this had to do with Gunther.

Bogdan said "Well - - - apparently they both have analytical minds."

Maybe so, maybe so.

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