Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Bogdan is on vacation.
He doesn't know it but I am going to try my hand at finding something interesting in print today.
Boy is he going to be mad. He is going to be madder than Trotsky at an Odessa conference.
Now I don't want to talk about railroads today. I just want to show you what this guy Roebling is doing.
He was born in Germany and studied there. Other than that bit of information it is going to be all pictures.
Well - - - mostly pictures.
This is him:

This is how I discovered him:

Please ignore the word "railroad" in the above article.

This is what used to suffice for bridges before Roebling came along:

This is what happened after he came along:

This, of course is the Brooklyn Bridge,
 over the East River of New York City

This is the Suspension Bridge over the Ohio River between 
Cincinnati, Ohio and Covington, Kentucky
This beautiful rendering is the Suspension Bridge,
 over the Niagara River,
by Niagara Falls,
between Canada and the United States
This one is really unbelievable.
It carries a man made river across a God made river.
It is at Lackawaxen, Pennsylvania
and crosses the Lackawaxen River.
Its purpose was to carry coal barges on the canal leg of those Gravity Railroad Routes.

Can you imagine the weight of all the water
that this bridge had to support?
This structure, above, crosses the Delaware River
at Reiglesville,
between Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

New Portland Suspension Bridge, Spanning Carrabasset River, New Portland, Somerset County, Maine
St. John's Bridge, Spans Willamette River,
Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon
I think you have an idea of Roebling's Bridges.


Lets see what other bridges we can peruse.

©W. Tomosky♠ 

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