Monday, May 13, 2013


Bogdan Yelcovich said let's go to New Orleans.

I had one simple response:         "BANANAS!"

"Yes - - - exactly" he responded.

He must have seen the puzzled look on my face.

So he showed me:

So Julian complied and showed us some nice wood cut engravings.

And finally Julian - - - and Bogdan Yelcovich - - - got to the part about the bananas.

He pointed out the banana boats and dealers.

And the fellows who hauled the bananas away.

And finally I asked Bogdan "What does all this add up to?"

Of course he rattled his "Harper's Illustrated" and opened it up to page 382.

I was impressed. So we hopped a train to New Orleans, saw some really pretty girls, and got a ride back to New York on this banana boat.

Boy oh boy - - - Gunther was madder than a hobo without a can of beans.
We almost got fired. Thank God we left McFee behind to cover for us.
On the way home that night we met a street vendor singing a song.
Maybe you would like a Hollerith version of the song. It is an instrumental.
©W. Tomosky

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