Friday, June 7, 2013


Jim McFee, Bogdan Yelcovich and I had not been on a trip in quite some time.

Once again we had to take a train and a buckboard to get to Bovina Center, New York.

What a wonderful place to live.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I moved out of New York City and went to Scranton.

But Bovina Center - - - now that is heaven.

There is a nice little river running beside the road. They call it the Little Delaware.

It joins the West Branch of the Delaware River at Delhi. The West Branch of the Delaware River joins the East Branch at Hancock. The Willowemoc River had already met the Beaverkill River at Roscoe and they had already met the East Branch at East Branch, New York.

Now all that water ran into Philadelphia.

I couldn't have told you that if Jim McFee's uncle Samuel had not informed us of it.

That is where we were staying; at Samuel McFee's farm in Bovina Center.

I guess I got off the track with my story. I get mesmerized by streams and rivers and was just amazed that this Little Delaware, that you could jump across in some spots, joined all those other rivers and made it to Philadelphia.

It was a good route to get produce from Bovina Center to Philadelphia.

But enough talk. It is better if I just let you imagine how nice this place is.

And the People - - - they are the nicest people I have ever met.

Like this church group.

They even put on plays. The had quite a professional band in Bovina Center.
And the following rendering shows where the Little Delaware meets the West Branch.
Jim McFee, as always, picked up a souvenir post card

There was quite a list of Civil War veterans that served out of Bovina.

Isn't this a nice road? It is on the way to Samuel McFee's farm?

The Gazetteer lists some facts about Bovina.
If you can get your hands on one there are a lot of facts in there.

If you think you can wait until this is published you can also find some good facts in here.
But the actuarial tables are against you.

This old barn is on the same road as Samuel McFee's place.

Now look at this part of the Little Delaware. You can see why I fell in love with it. 

Click on the ladies at the baseball game. 

The following is more excitement than Bovina Center has had since the baseball game.

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