Thursday, June 20, 2013


While we were in Chateaugay Jim McFee suggested we go to Loon Lake.

He had heard that it was a beautiful lake and there were some pretty girls whose father's had cabins there.

That Jim McFee; he sure likes the ladies.

He then said "The real reason I want to go there is to hear the loons."

I asked him what a loon was.

Jim said it was like a duck but not a duck.

Bogdan pressed him on the issue.

Jim told us that it floated on the water like a duck but it sat much lower in the water. And sometimes it would dive under the water and disappear for a long time. Then it would pop up in a completely different place.

"Sounds like a duck to me" said Bogdan.

"Not at all" said Jim. "It sounds more like a railroad engine slamming on its emergency brakes."

And then he demonstrated;  

"Why would we want to hear that?" asked Bogdan.

"You have to be there and hear it" answered Jim. "It is really beautiful" he added.

So we found a fellow in Chateaugay with a buckboard who was willing to take us there.

And this is what we heard.

It was beautiful - - - in some weird loonie way.

I think that it is not only the sounds that the loon makes but also the evening sun and the context of a peaceful lake. Yes - - - that is it. It is the context. You seem to see everything that nature has given us and are able to put it into perspective.

I almost teared up when I realized what I was experiencing.

But since Jim and Bogdan were sitting next to me I couldn't let them see me do that.

I don't know what I was worried about - - - both of them had their heads turned away - - - maybe for the same reason.

No wonder Hows and Street made an etching and added a poem.

©W. Tomosky♠

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