Saturday, June 1, 2013


Fresh off the presses of  the paper mongers:

This Marconi fellow is only twenty-six years old and he has been working on this idea for twelve years.
I think he is destined to be somebody.
Lets see if we can conjure up some images of where he might be going in the future.
I am getting a picture - - - no wait - - - yes, yes; the image is clearing now.
I see him as a royal officer.
Yes. An officer. And a man of such importance that they are creating images of him for use in that Stereoscope thing.
And then his importance is called to the attention of a bunch of Italian swells. If this scene ever really happens I bet Marconi would be on the left of the ambassador with the stove-pipe hat.

He, most likely, will meet a very pretty lady and marry her.
(It happens to most of us)

The poor fellow will have to sit for all sorts of promotional photos while looking pensive.

Then all of the ship lines from Porto Rico to Germany will want one of his "Telegraphs Without Wires."

See what I mean?

Lets see if we can imagine him at work.
And now for some scary fun.
©W. Tomosky♠

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