Friday, June 7, 2013


Pretty soon our government will be engaged in censoring what we hear, see or read.

Or maybe they will just tax it.

Most likely they will do both.

At the moment we only have these paper mongers trying to censor what comes into our homes.

No problem with the above statement. We should keep an eye on "What Boys Read."

However, they have just crossed the line. They say boys should not read about Ned Kelly.
Obviously this rag of a newspaper has connections to the English aristocracy in Australia; the same aristocracy that my dear Ned had to fight day after day after day.
Now you take a look at Ned and tell me he is not a handsome fellow that every child should emulate.

I wish I had a more updated photo of Ned for you but this is the last picture they took before they hung him.
And young boys like to read about exciting things.
See here? This is Ned at his job.

Ned went to work most every day with his brother Dan. They liked working together. The family that preys together, stays together.

However, LITTELL'S LIVING AGE continues beating a dead horse.
A year and a half after their first try at censorship they continue to go after Ned.

So now we should have all the children reading fairy tales?

Take a look at these lead-ins to fairy tales.

The next thing we know they will not want the children to know about William McCarty!

 But for now let us listen to some good music.

And enjoy uncensored Ned.

Sorry about the following part 2, the old celluloid had some problems.


©W. Tomosky♠


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