Saturday, June 29, 2013


Good old Bogdan is at it again.
He brings the strangest things to work so he could show us.
Today it is earth closets, water closets, etc.
So without ado, here we go.

Nice woodwork on the above.

When it is time, even the most functional, with or without form, is appreciated.

The French have always been able to think out of the box.
When a man has to Goux, he has to Goux!

Thank God for the coppersmith.

Hey!  For twelve bucks? I wish I had one of these when Uncle Otto visited.

Even Bogdan could not explain this one. Either it is for training kids or for someone with a good aim.
I can not believe it is a brush holder. If so, why havn't they used it?

Now we know where the term "Sitting on the throne" came from.  Why it even has a reading lamp.

The plumber's nightmare. Or the maid's nightmare if Grandpa is a little wobbly.

Nothing like a little privacy.

And the job is not finished until the paperwork is done.
Or the skipping.

OK, OK.  So I may have misinterpreted my Lou and my Loo. Sorry!
©W. Tomosky♠

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