Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Well here we are in Chateaugay, New York.

Canals, railroads and steamers were required to get here.

Thank god for gravity railroads and Roebling's canal viaduct and a steamer ride up Lake Champlain followed by a buckboard ride to the interior of New York.

Not that civilization was absent from the area; there was simply no call for it until city folk saw the beauty of the area.

Lets see what Bogdan had in his folder - - - you know - - - the folder full of periodical articles.

That folder is what caused him and Jim McFee and me to come here.

There is a big gorge that must be crossed if you are going east to west. It is my understanding that Old Man Jenkins made a fortune selling land for the bridge to be built.

Visitors from the city were driven to write stories about the area.

(No - - - this is not "the" Jane Austen)

This is the Chateaugay Gorge that must be crossed by the new bridge!
It is a Gorge-eous place but I pity the fellows who have to build the bridge.

There is a lot of history here. However the following story has been told in different ways by different people.

That's all folks. See you in Scranton.

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