Thursday, June 13, 2013


Once again we had to visit the Station Master who was in charge of "lost and found."

But not before we looked through the book that Bogdan had in his hands.

It was beautifully bound and had an introduction that gave all of us "wanderlust."
I should spend no more time talking about it. There is no way I could say what he said or draw what was in his book.
Oh yes - - - his name - - - Alfred B. Street; just like it says on the title page.
So here is where the wanderlust came from.

These guys, apparently woodsmen, were enjoying an evening around the fire. They were not perfect men but they were enjoying a perfect evening.
And here are the pictures; "illustrations" he called them.


We were talking about the book - - - Gunther had already come down from his perch to see what all the hub-ub was about.

Gunther said "I remember another book that Street was involved with. It was a book by a guy named 'Hows' and Street wrote all the poems for that book. It also was illustrated with woodcut prints."

Then he said "Someday I will bring it in for you guys to see. The woodcuts have the carvers names hidden here and there; just like this book."

And sure enough, as we reviewed the illustrations there was 'Waters & Son'; hidden in this corner or that.

Then Gunther made us take the book to the Station Master so he could put it in 'lost and found'.


Now this guy has some new-fangled stuff but he is still cooking in the woods. So I guess that's OK.

©W. Tomosky♠

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