Thursday, June 27, 2013


If one were to look at the court cases in New York City they would see one very busy judge; JOSEPH F. MULQUEEN.

Now we have to determine why he is so busy; but first the facts.

There are so many I can't even find a roll of paper large enough to hold all of them.
Three hundred and sixty cases; and I am sure there are plenty more.
But hold on; we have a reporter visiting the Honorable Judge Joseph F. Mulqueen. He apparently isn't too pleased about answering why there are so many suspended sentences.

But alas!  How did all this come about?

It appears as though New York City Police Commissioner, Rhinelander Waldo, has been quite industrious also; cleaning up the gangs that were remnants of Tammany Hall's goon squad.
And the good judge may be a little overworked or just can't keep up with the industrious commissioner.
Or possibly he owes someone a favor.
The newspapers just love this commissioner. He makes for great stories and sells a lot of papers for them.

What does a serious fellow like Rhinelander look like? He looks like this.

I am so sorry but it appears that Judge Mulqueen is not only shy of reporters but also shy of the camera.
So no pictures of the judge today.
But Rhinelander doesn't appear shy of the camera or the goon squads.
Someday I may write a story about all this; or something else.
©W. Tomosky♠

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