Monday, June 24, 2013


Yep - - - that is what Bogdan has brought us today - - - Utopia!

There is not much sense in me going on and on about it. You can see for yourself what he meant.

Essentially he meant that we would no longer have to work for a living; thanks to steam.

And this is where he found "Utopia."

Of course it was full of pictures. I have to admit; I sort of like that. There were formulas for Utopia in there also.

I am not going to show any formulas; they are hard on the eyeballs and the brain.

First he had to show me some steam engines that would allow us to never labor again.

And also there would be something called a governor to keep everything under control.

I don't like governors - - - especially if they live in New York State.

There was something written about the centrifugal force and the springs would be pulled and the valves would open and this would keep the pressure just at the right measurement.

So I asked Bogdan "What would we do with a steam engine that was not in a railroad train?"

He promptly went to the page with this brick making machine picture.

Sure beats making bricks by hand!

And then he showed me some pumps.

"Nice" said Gunther. "Sure has an advantage over pumping out bilge water by hand."


But Jim said "Isn't this going to put all of us out of work? My brother-in-law is a brick maker and he is not going to like these machines taking his livelihood away."

Bogdan said "Don't you have another brother-in-law who is a stone mason?"

Jim answered in the affirmative.

Bogdan responded by showing him this stone cutting machine.

Jim asked "HOLY COW!  Am I going to have two brothers-in-law living with me?"
Bogdan said there will be plenty of new kinds of work. People will have to make boilers and little instruments to measure pressure. There will be tons of work for pipe fitters, chain makers, new kinds of lathes, forging works, casting facilities, salesmen and new kinds of stores.
He showed us this boiler and its workings as an example.
I think Bogdan has something there.

And then we all looked, once again, at those pages of "MANUFACTURER AND BUILDER" in complete amazement.

©W. Tomosky♠

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