Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A few days ago I got all wrapped up in the subject of Hows and Street; plus their two compatriots Bobbett & Hooper.

Well - - - you know how that Jim McFee is; always thinking about people and commitment and honesty and integrity and stuff like that.

So McFee says to me "Wally, you promised to tell these kind folks what is inside the book with the red cover that Hows put together."

"Oh darn" I replied. "You are right. I almost forgot about that."

And Mcfee says "You are such a dreamer Wally. You need to remember who you have made commitments to and whether you have met those commitments or not."

Well - - - he was right. I probably turned all shades of red and pink when he reminded me.

So, as a reminder here is the book with the red cover.

And here is one of the poems and etchings you can find inside.

Maybe, and that 'maybe' is my escape route in case I forget again, maybe I can share a few more with you in the future.

These fellows aren't very good at making owl sounds but they are a hoot.

And this little fellow comes from where my ancestors did. Also, he is named after me.

Otherwise you may never have seen him. 

Talk about ego trips.

I think that Jim McFee has made some good observations today.

©W. Tomosky♠

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