Thursday, June 6, 2013


Oh yes. The Moustache (variation of 'mustache' I am told).

And what man is not proud of his - - - upper lip growth?

Poe's mustache, like himself, appears to be a little twisted.
I don't believe I have to expand on Poe any farther.

And above we have Adelbert Ames, US Military Academy graduate, soldier, sailor, politician and carpetbagger.
He was, apparently, very proud of his moustache.
The following photo shows a one star general whose moustache looks a little tired. That is understandable after it having spent a few years in the Civil War.

Shaler went into business after the war.

Poor Alexander Burnside. I am not sure if I feel more pity for the style of that hair growth,moustache excluded, or for the loss of scores of men in the Civil War. From what I know, it looks like he was well regarded by his friends and acquaintances.

This tells the story better than I could.
However, pity should be measured until you read the little gory piece about the following moustache.

Now that we have that out of the way, maybe a little fun should be enjoyed.
©W. Tomosky♠


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